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       Welcome To The Saiyans

          Welcome i am Bardock our guild leader.

Our guild has been made in order to help players like yourself enjoy a game without having to do it alone.We understand what it means to play a game by ourselves and how difficult it can be to do many things on the game without help. That is where we come in,we will help those who need help and also ask for it as well and we hope to make you feel like you are a part of something great so that you may continue to play happily.If you have any questions or would like to help us out in anyway please send a message to me Bardock in game in our server The Harbinger or by my email and i will be there for you. Oh and before i forget those who are just visiting you will not be able to see certain things like our raid calender or our members list and bank until you join but yes there is a lot more to our guild then it seems. if you or your friend are interested we welcome all new members with open arms.
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Sith Guild

Bardock, Jun 4, 13 11:53 PM.
We have combined our sith guild and are new guild is called Sith Imperial Assasination Squad so if u wish to join it send either Bardock, Manahh, Santarious, or Mickbeth a msg or in game mail and we will get u in and i also wish to congradulate our members on getting our guild 2 bank tabs and over 120 members!. keep up the good work as we recruit new fresh people and get the third bank tab while having fun on a great mmorpg have fun everyone and may the force be with you

Another Guild

Bardock, Jan 30, 13 5:16 AM.
Ok so people have asked me many times if we had a guild for the dark side and asked if i would create 1. Well i have given u guys what u asked for the empire guild is called Knights of The Sith so if u have a sith toon you are welcome to put them in it. Also there will not be a guild bank for the new guild right away because of a credits issue we need 600k credits in order to get it and i cannot provide all the credits myself as i need credits for multiple characters so if anyone wants a guild bank for the empire guild we all will have to pitch in to get it but once we have it i will make sure there are credits in the guild and i will put items and armor in there for your pleasure. So be sure to start saving up credits and ill talk to u guys later

Server name

Bardock, Jan 25, 13 9:07 AM.
if u havent figured it out yet our new server name is The Harbinger the old post was posted before they got rid of the server lord praven so now u know and knowing is half the battle lol that was from G.I.Joe if u did not know

SWTOR Addons

Bardock, Jan 25, 13 9:03 AM.
ok first thing id like to say is for those who dont want addons i understand your point second thing i for 1 dont think that we should have no addons i mean the only addons i really want to c in the game is 1s like music player or a gathering system like they had in wow where they show u everyplace u ever farmed materials for crafting on the map so u know where to go to find them so ur not spending hours looking for them urself cause that jus makes they game boring ya u could send ur companions to get them but that costs time and credits and as for the music player that speaks for itself i mean i love heavy metal music and id like to hear some heavy metal when cutting down imps lol so leave a comment and tell me what u think


Bardock, Feb 8, 12 9:51 AM.
If anyone has pictures they took in the game dont forget to upload them to the site we would love to see your funny and great moments in Star Wars The Old Republic
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